Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas At Our House - 2012

I like Christmas decorations that are simple to put up and simple to take down and it's certainly that at our house this year! Most are recycled from year to year but used in a different place, such as my collection of putz houses. Yep, I discovered my 'sparkly houses' are really 'putz' houses - they must have been created by the Germans because it's a Pennsylvania Dutch expression we use when 'we putz around' or do a kind of nothing to fill in time, and yes, I'm exposing my ignorance here! :) But I've always been fascinated by them and snatch them up if they're not too costly if I'm in the mood to spend the money on them. I so like them!

- laundry -
My 'starry night' banner I made last year where it hung in the living room.

- kitchen -
Simple greens and lights above the cupboards. Last year I used a mix of live and store-bought greens -
not again...what a mess that was!
 I bought these tin ornaments years ago and every year they sit on my kitchen window - I so like these, too! Sometimes I keep them up until the wintry days are over.
Part of an all-white manger scene. I've displayed these pieces this way for several years - somehow, the simplicity of a lone shepherd coming to Jesus with what he has speaks to me. This is tucked in the corner of the counter top. The reminder of His Presence is especially real this Christmas!
This is the 'third wall' in my kitchen. The paper flowers are new for this year.

- dinning room -

- living room -
The past three years Wal-Mart had these cute little church ornaments but I didn't care for the gold one this year. It's been said that two of one thing is a collection...I guess this is my start of a church collection!
Several months ago, I changed the arrangement in our living room by placing the couch in front of the fireplace mantel. Last week I found another irresistable fireplace and placed it here...
Oh, she's a beauty! I her!
This was a quick arrangement on Saturday and will be enough for this year.

Wishing my readers a blessed Christmas
and a blessed New Year!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Bottle Brush Trees And Sparkly Cardboard Houses

Though I bring my  brush bottle trees with the cute sparkly cardboard houses out every Christmas, I'm not always happy with how they're displayed. This year I found just the right place in the large box-like space in the entertainment center. Shifting the stacked books around that were already there, I placed the houses on top of them and placed the trees around them.!
I've had these delightful houses for some years and I think they're a classic for Christmas decorating that doesn't get old. One of the fences was purchased new and one at a thrift shop that was wound around a small Christmas tree.
I bought most of the bottle brush trees at yard sales/thrift shops and wanted a few more, so I went on a hunt the last several weeks to thrift shops, only to discover they're pret-ty scarce. If you see some at yard sales, snatch 'em up where you can! It's easy to transform them from ugly green to this lovely look!

This is how it looks the rest of the year.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas On Our Porch

I determined to use greens on the front porch from what was in my gardens and I'm pleased with the results. I kept the bones from the Autumn decorating and used lots of greenery.
The pictures were taken late afternoon, giving it a lovely glow.
The red berries are from a spring-flowering tree and the dried lime light hydrangeas are perfect for outdoor  pots. I had planted a lavender in this pot for the summer and simply tucked in the greens around it.
I lit the candles on a gray day just for fun and light them at night when guests are expected.
It's very pretty!
Instead of my usual greens that I've used for years, I hung a small rolled sheet music hanging with added greens on the front door. It's protected by a storm door so it'll be fine there. I'm hoping the exposure will age it!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Mantle

My Christmas mantle is simple. My taste has changed from fussy 'more is better' to almost plain, but what is there, speaks. I think it must be my age! Less to dust, less to it's 'less is more!'

When I decorate for Christmas, I like to decorate around what is there already and simply changing out the little stuff. The empty picture frames are still there. I was sad to take down the Autumn display, I liked it so much! But I like this just as much.
The airy greens with the red berries are a long-time staple for Christmas decorating at our house. The pears are a thrift find and the silver Christmas tree balls are a post-Christmas buy. The berries on the top shelf are real rose hips. The rest of the items are there forever until I get another brainstorm! :)  

I love Christmas!                

Monday, December 10, 2012

Brown Paper Bag Flowers

Brown paper bag flowers?!
Yes, indeed...out.of.brown.paper.bags.
Simple to make. Simple to hang. Simple classy style. 
 And I shamelessly copied!
Thank you, Clarita!
Click on her link to see her Autumn wall.
You'll find it hard to leave - she's very talented!
I was unable to do a link to the original site, however, you'll find it on hers.

This is my version...
I love old silver and it's such a classic for Christmas decorating!
The teapot was a yard sale find and the creamer and sugar a gift from a friend.
The trays are a GW find and the berries are real.
The lantern was a Christmas Tea door prize win.