Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pink Dogwood

When our house was built, the owners planted a pink dogwood tree at the corner of the house and it can be seen at both bedroom windows. We're lucky to have two pinks and one white on our property. Every spring over their bloom time the flowers glow in our bedroom and it looks like a valance over the windows -
 s-o-o pretty!

- outside our bedroom window -
We've had most of our trees die from diseases but our dogwood are beautiful, especially in the spring. Their  bloom time is all too short!


"When God wants to do something big in your life,
He often disrupts it."
                                                                     Tony Evans

Our life has been disrupted in a huge way and a post will be coming at a later date.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

White Wednesday

I enjoy using soft focus in Picasa and am using it in these pictures for White Wednesday at Faded Charm.

- candle light -
- delicate stitching -
- heap of pillows -
- flower pin -
- baby hand knitted socks -
- summer bed in gazebo -
- child-sized tea set -

(picture source: Fleur Cottage)
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Lovely Spring Days!

The chinnock winds are blowing...finally! After a lot of rain on Saturday, it's warm and windy! Glory!
The greenhouse left on Thursday evening and DIL M will be enjoying it.
I don't know how it was done, but it got moved like this...
loaded on a trailer and delivered two miles all on one piece!
I'm looking forward to turning this...
...into this!


Hubs is dealing with a few health issues and will be having a blood transfusion this afternoon.
We're trusting God!

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Saturday, April 23, 2011


A simple Easter message -
May yours be a blessed one!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jewelry box to treasure box

I picked up this really crummy jewelry chest at GW and decided to give it a make-over for granddaughter S's birthday.
I removed the ugly, dirty yellow stuff and replaced it with black felt.
S loves playing dress-up so I washed the jewelry that came with it.
- Before -
- After -
I thought it would look better without the handles on the fake drawer but it didn't. I did put them back on but forgot to take a picture. A simple project and S was happy with her new treasure box!

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Passion Week

This week is Passion Week. The week that changed the world. Eating the Last Supper with His beloved disciples and sharing bread with His betrayer, the one who denied Him, and forsaken by all. His suffering and pain was so intense, a new word was needed to describe it - excruciating. This is the week the Creator was betrayed and crucified by the created.  

 What does Passion Week have to do with me - today? I didn't betray Him for twenty pieces of silver!
Or deny and forsake Him. I wasn't there!

But wait! What about the times I was silent when I should have spoken? Or the times I  refused to take that moment of time to make a difference? Or when I say one thing but my life shows something else?

Oh God...I was there! I betrayed and denied Him! I was there when He was beaten and spat on. I lifted the hammer to pound those nails in! Yes, it was my wrong, my sin, in that bitter, bitter cup He drank - when even You needed to turn away from Him because You are holy and sin cannot be in Your presence!
In my head, I can hear how terrible that cry must have sounded,
 'My God, my God, why have You forsaken Me?!'

And so the innocent needed to pay the price so I can be free - free from sin, free from the power of the Evil One who wants to destroy all things beautiful! I am a redeemed princess delivered from the power of darkness! Is life perfect and without problems? No...but I have a promise that I'll never be alone again!

As I mull over this Passion Week of the ultimate sacrifice of redemption, I want my heart to be filled with a renewed love for my Jesus - to be humbled by that love that took Him all the way to the Cross! For it to make a difference  in my live in the power of the resurrection!

Pruning Lavender

Ah, lavender! A must-have perennial that is an all-season plant when the only time it's not pretty is right after it's cut back and it gets its new growth. But that's only for several weeks - after that, it's an itty-bit plant of paradise the rest of the year! Ooh-la-la, that smell! Even in the winter when it's crushed or touched the aromatic smell is still there.

 Lavender is not a fussy plant except for two things - it cannot be planted in moist ground and it must be trimmed hard. It loves hot and dry weather and it must be trimmed close to the ground. If its not trimmed back hard it gets woody and eventually fades away. Last year i got a little lazy and mowed one of them close to the ground and noticed it's already greening up - the others aren't yet.

Cutting it back!

First, get yourself a hedge trimmer - it's a huge time-saver! I used to use a hand trimmer (imagine that!) that took fa-ev-a! Investing in a hedge trimmer is a worthwhile investment. Just be careful with the electric cord.

This is what i call 'a bad hair day!' It's important to let last year's growth on all winter as it helps to protect the root system from extreme cold in the winter. And it looks lovely with fresh snow on it, as well as using it for decoration. I start cutting in the center and cut around it, shaping it into a mound.

After buzzing around the four plants, I was lucky enough to have starts that have rooted themselves. I now have three new plants that will be transplanted out front by the new picket fence that is replacing the knock-out roses. Ta-da...finished!

- summer of 2010 -
Isn't this gorgeous?!
Even while cutting it looks artistic! I usually burn what's cut off as it's dry and brittle but it can be tossed in the compost bin, though it will take a while to break down. I noticed today it's greening up with tiny leaves.
Yes, this is truly a delightful perennial to have!

...happy gardening!

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Home Tour

Our home and my tastes have changed with time! Ever since we've downsized seven years ago into our 'dawdy haus,' loosely interpreted as empty nesters, I loved it! But in the last six months, I've been doing a purge and simplifying. My girls took a lot off my hands at Christmas and I enjoy seeing them use the things I once had.

Though I missed linking up to the home tour over at Poppies at Play, I decided to do an update on the changes that have been made inside our home. Stop by her site - she's a one talented lady !

- Our home -
- welcome entrance -
- winter view at the kitchen sink -
-  summer view out of the same window -
-  looking out the other kitchen window,
 you can see the door where most of our guests come through -
- dinning room -
- living room -
- bedroom -
- a free chiffonier make over -
- desk in dressing room -
- painted suitcases -
- my five dollar buffet bargain -

'Home is where the heart is!'

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Design

I'm very delighted with my new blog design! Kristen from
did a fabulous work of art, helping me to put my vague ideas into words and pictures. She was very patient with all my questions and changing my mind again! decisions!

I love my button, even though I'm still learning about the power of it. There'll be more changes in the next few weeks as this blog and I get used to each other! When I get a picture of myself that will pass my muster, it will go on there somewhere.

Kristen also has good, easy-to-understand blogging tips. Here is a good one as it's a too common mistake that is made - I did it once upon a time too - check it out! It's worth it, 'cause I want to communicate back to you when you bless me with a comment!
Her little guy is one handsome young man!

Edited five days later: this has been an interesting week learning new computer (for me) skills! And I've managed to delete my own button! (sigh!) Kristen is very patient and hopefully, I'll be getting better on this tech stuff! 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

week end musings

we had a quiet week end and a wonderful spring day yesterday!

Different, Unique and Married
Blending to Form a Winning Team

Our Wounds
(session four)

Basic Human Needs- deep longings of the heart.

these are like a three-legged stool
 and if one is damaged it creates an off balance in all of our relationships.

A. Belongingness (intimacy)
  • acceptance - cared for, wanted
  • rejection - causes anger, no sense of belonging
B. Worth (important)
  • value - i count, liked, important
  • worthlessness - i'm a big mistake, feeling shame and guilt

C. Competence (i know i have what it takes)
  • courage - i can do this
  • hopelessness - fearful, withdrawn, we cover up
Destroyers of Our Basic Human Need

A. Abuse
  • sexual and can be through touch or exposure to
  • abuse can also be verbal, emotional, spiritual
B. Absent or Neglect
  • physical
  • emotional
  • relational
3. Our Wounds
  • past
  • present

$. What it Takes
  • empathy - understaning another's pain
  • validation - to establish value
  • patience

One moment of patience may ward of disaster.
One moment of impatience may ruin a whole life.
- A Chinese Proverb