Monday, December 17, 2012

Bottle Brush Trees And Sparkly Cardboard Houses

Though I bring my  brush bottle trees with the cute sparkly cardboard houses out every Christmas, I'm not always happy with how they're displayed. This year I found just the right place in the large box-like space in the entertainment center. Shifting the stacked books around that were already there, I placed the houses on top of them and placed the trees around them.!
I've had these delightful houses for some years and I think they're a classic for Christmas decorating that doesn't get old. One of the fences was purchased new and one at a thrift shop that was wound around a small Christmas tree.
I bought most of the bottle brush trees at yard sales/thrift shops and wanted a few more, so I went on a hunt the last several weeks to thrift shops, only to discover they're pret-ty scarce. If you see some at yard sales, snatch 'em up where you can! It's easy to transform them from ugly green to this lovely look!

This is how it looks the rest of the year.


Robin said...

Oh I love how you displayed your glitter houses. I for one think you can never have too many glitter houses for Christmas. LOL

boat supplies online said...

You have a great glitter houses for Christmas, I love how you decorate with the back of books is great hope that your collection would be bigger and can take good care of them.

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