Tuesday, March 30, 2010

house tour bath/dressing room

after delicious, warm weather
 and spending lots of time outside,
it's turned chilly and windy.

today is a good day to wrap up this house tour,
finishing up with our dressing/bath room.
in their first life, these rooms were two bedrooms -
after the rennovation,
it's a dressingroom, bathroom and a bedroom.

- looking from the dressingroom into the bedroom -
the closet doors were the squishiest doors e.v.e.r.
so i took them down and replaced them with these lace curtains...
topped with these roses to keep them 'closed.'
- looking into the dressingroom from the closet wall -
the buffet was a GREAT bargain for five dollars at a yard sale.
(yard sale deliciousness!)
the desk was another great bargain...
you can read about the change-over here.
the dresser is an auction find,
treated with my idea of loveliness.
several vignettes
(the soap in the glass container was made by my sister Lil - love the stuff!)
- on the desk -
baby pictures of myself and siblings
and vintage family baby shoes...too cute!
love the lamp!

 this bathroom is small but very efficient...
- left wall of the doorway...shower to the right -

it's a pleasure to give you this house tour,
perhaps someday you will stop by!



Monday, March 29, 2010

a bend in the road

Wayne holding Curtis and his wife Teresa
(taken summer of '09)

Six-thirty Sunday morning we got a call from Teresa,our daughter-in-law, saying Wayne, our son, was admitted to the hospital due to a heart attack.Wayne is only thirty-five.

In shock, we quickly packed a few overnight things and left for West Virginia, not knowing what to expect. When we got to Winchester, he had just returned from a catherization and found his arteries were in really good condition. But the lower part of his heart was damaged. By evening, Waynes was feeling better but very tired. We left the hospital, taking Teresa home and stayed for the night there.
Wayne and Teresa have four children -
Clara-9, Cynthia-7, Crystal-4, Curtis13 mo.
This morning, after dropping the two girls off at school and leaving the two younger ones with a sitter,
we went back to the hospital to find Wayne sitting in a chair, looking much better, but still tired after a night in in constant care, where sleep is nigh near impossible. At noon he was transferred to the regular floor but still needing a few more tests done. At this point, they're still puzzled as to what really happened but are thinking the damage was caused by something unrelated to the heart. We praise God his prognosis is good
and with time, the heart will heal itself.

It was a difficult week for their family. Clara had an ear infection, Cynthia had strep throat, Curtis burned his hand and Wayne wasn't feeling well for several days. Pray for them as you think about them!

We are grateful!



Saturday, March 27, 2010

auction in Gap

March is the month for local fire companies to have their day
to supplement their income through auctions.
today is a b-i-g day in this little town of Gap
when the fire company has their annual auction.
it has a festive feel to it with huge crowds of folks,
wanting to buy, buy, buy...
anything from plants to antiques to food to bargain boxes!
i think i could've made a fortune in buying chairs and giving them a new look!
carriages are a hot item for this auction...
it's the only sale in the area that is mud-free.
- a description of the carriage -
then there's the private stands with lovely displays...
the plants and flowers to be auctioned off...
a popular means of transportation...
and these boys were busy!
then there's the yummy food inside...
- made-on-the-spot doughnuts -
- delicious soft pretzels -
fresh strawberry pies...
cut-up berries then dumped into pie shells,
and ready to eat or buy.
melt-in-the-mouth goodness!

at the local park just down the street was another sort of fun...
playing softball!
because there was another tournament event at the park,
they played wherever there was space to play.
even the horses had their place...
 at the end of the day,
this little guy was all-tuckered-out!
a good day it was for all!



Monday, March 22, 2010

chair love...

this chair was picked up at GW...
a lady's chair with lots of potential.

she had a puffed up seat,
with funny, strawy innards,
and a gazillion tacks and a thousand nails.
her puffed-up seat was fascinating
with its coils and knotted string under upholstery tape.
oh yeah,
this lady's chair was a piece of work!
she needed to be turned
from an ugly duckling into a swan.

after giving her a new painted
and the empty places filled in with underlayment...
foamed and padded in the right places,
she was dressed from a matelasse pillow sham
(sh-h-h...from the GW!).
and because she is a lady's chair,
her owner decided she needed to be a
'girly-girly's chair.
she was trimmed with pom-poms and buttons...
and her front design had tiny holes in it.
so her mistress used upholstery tacks
saved from another dismantled chair project
to create a lovely design.
  here she is...
in her lovely new body
with her lovely new dress!


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