Friday, January 27, 2012

Pendant Light

The contracter for our new kitchen is dependable, honest and a personal friend. Out of the kindness of his heart, he presented me with an old, brass pendant light, knowing I would love and appreciate it! It needed a complete overhaul, including a rewiring. I wanted to tackle it, but it was too much for me. Mr D was able to do that part of it...thank you, honey!

Because it was old with years of paint collected on it and the brass would have needed to be polished, I chose to paint it. I used a metallic paint not because of the metallic but because it was the closest color to match the kitchen hardware. I was very pleased with the results!
 - Before -
 - After -
It was disappointing when the pull chain broke even though it would not have been used. We replaced it with a knob switch. I'm really liking this thoughtful gift from our thoughtful contractor...thank you, Paul Nissley!

Thursday, January 26, 2012


...and sigh again!
I'm gonna be ruthless! Cross my heart...

Friday, January 20, 2012

On Cleaning...

 I love my Swiffer products for the weekly cleaning! The long one in the back is a dry mop and it does a fantastic job on wood floors to get all the dust bunnies that tend to run away when using a broom or vacuum.
The short one mops the floor. What I don't like about it is the chemical loaded cleaner that comes with it. Being a barefoot gal in the house, after a mop up, the floor felt sticky and 'chemical-ly.' I use my own solution of water and vinegar that I put in a spray bottle, spraying as I go, switching out with my new BFF...Meleluca. The floors feel CLEAN, CLEAN and I love the smell of Meleluca!
The blue and yellow ones are life major dust time savers...oh. my. word! My sister L introduced me to these. The wand is so thin one can brush behind, in and around hundreds of things VERY effectively. The yellow one is a 360 degree brush and can be 'elbowed' by a button and with an extender, which comes in so handily for out of reach areas without falling off a step stool.
After the kitchen remodel, I spent hours on my hands and knees with a knee pad, literally scrubbing the floor with a Stanley (the best!) scrubby and my new BBF.
Yep...this scrubby! The floor 'before and after' pic showing my clean-up. And yes, my knees paid for it, but my floors look all but new! (the true color of our floor is the first picture)
Last but definitely not the least, is Meleluca's laundry soap. It only takes one tablespoon or one pump squirt per load to wash. The fabric softener smells wonderful and it's all chemical free!
And yes, it suds! :)
       Here is a link to Meleluca if you're interested.
Here's to chemical free cleaning!

Edited Feb 12, 2012 - The swiffer mop broke soon after I posted this and I got a new one. The new ones are much studier than their first model...yea for 'new and improved!'

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Third Wall in Our Kitchen

 The third wall in our new kitchen is very different! The cupboard was intended as an island but after several weeks with it in the center of the kitchen, I moved it back against the wall. We both like it better this way. Notice the two footstools under it? They're for our grands to 'help' grandma in the kitchen (and for me!).
 The clock was gifted by daughter J for my December birthday. I picked it out because I wanted the size and the word 'HOTEL Lancaster' on it as we live in Lancaster County.
 I brought a few blue jars back into play again. I fringed the burlap runner and the baskets are from Home Goods.The top is agate which I really like - I can place hot things on it right from the oven. This cupboard started out as the bottom of a generic Hoosier cabinet and I did a retro on it. Info on another post!
 I fashioned this curtain from a bed skirt. I like it's slightly ruffly, flirty, pin tuck look!
This shelf was where the clock is now. All of these changes have cut back on some major dusting, which is an added bonus. I did like it back then but do really like the simpler, cleaner look!

Again, I was blessed by your comments - THANK YOU!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Baby Celebration

From October 27 to December 22, six babies were born in our we celebrated all six births.
Four girls, two boys and their mothers.
L-R...Autumn Elyse - 11.22, Ava Grace - 11.22, Patrick James - 12.22,
Braedon Pryce - 9.27, Hannah Dawn - 12.10, Sierra Grace - 11.12

Our small group did the decorating and another one furnished the food - a lovely time of food and fellowship.
Ready and waiting for the main cast!
Table decorations - I made the banner, using hot glue to do the project.
 Our small group leader made the diaper cake cute!

Monday, January 16, 2012

3+1= a bench

Before the remodel in the kitchen, we used it as an eat-in kitchen. Now we're eating in the dinning room and the three chairs that were used around the table no longer had a 'place.' As I did the weekly cleaning last week, I had this brilliant! :) idea to push them together as a bench in the laundry.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

{Details} From Our New Kitchen

THANK YOU for your comments and encouragement through our kitchen rennovation...I was blessed!

We started the kitchen project December 8, 2011 and the counter was in place the twentieth (a wonderful b-day present!) and the kitchen was in use the next day! By seven of that morning, the cupboards were bare and by four-thirty, they were out with some minor repairs done. I'm not exactly sure why the dish drain filled with dishes was there other than it was proof positive that this last time I washed dishes in the old kitchen! :)
Here are pics of the before.
Today, the kitchen is MUCH more organized and functional!
We added a floor to ceiling cabinet on one end and a broom/cleaning cabinet on the other end. Though this took away counter space, it gave me more storage which I really like! To the left of the sink is the wastebasket drawer; in the 'before,' it sat in the open below the window. In the cupboard above it, I asked for an electrical outlet inside the cupboard for the smaller appliances, which sit on a pull-out drawer. It's very handy, as it's sturdy enough to simply pull it out and use it without having to plug it in every time.
The double doors beside it have pull-out drawers for the pots and pans, another very handy feature.
Above that is the silverware, etc drawer.
I LOVE the under-the-counter sink!
To the right of the sink is a long narrow cupboard that is an excellent place for cookie sheets and other tall, narrow items. The corner holds a gigantic lazy susan that holds a lot of awkward items.
To the left of the stove are my 'company dishes.'
The refrigerator was moved over eighteen inches to put a broom/cleaning closet on the end, with the opening facing the dinning room so I could use all of the long, narrow space that is often wasted space. I REALLY like this feature - it's close by and so handy!
Subway tile is all and more than what it's touted to be - I love, love its clean look! I also really like the under-the-cupboard lights...they're the first to be turned on when I'm working in the kitchen. I wanted to leave the corner to decorate and this is what it looks like for now. The blue enamel pan is a thrift find and filled with dish cloths and towels. The old silverware is used at special times and the pictures in the apothecary jar are of my brother and myself when we were babies.
 This pendant light is a gift from our contractor, who is a family friend. I'll do her in another post - believe me, the before looked quite sad!
Here is a peek of a cupboard that was going to be an island but is pushed against the wall now - I'll post more on this later.

And I was going to give credits, but this post is long enough!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Our New Kitchen

I'm amused at how many things need to be 'just right' to go public with a new project...small details such as the right lighting and curtains to be put up. But here it is - at least more than a sneak peek! Yes, the Christmas greens are still up - our Christmas isn't over yet, we're having it this week end with our children...we number twenty-nine all together!  A completed post on the details will come next week.
The new...
and the old!

Needless to say...I LOVE my new, classic, fuss-free kitchen!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Little of This And A Little of That

First off, I won this lovely giveaway from Wayside Treasures, full of Christmas goodies!
Thank you, Sandi!
This is happening today in the delighted how it looks!
Organized the fridge feezer - the before was EMBARRASSING! :)
 This is what I see from 'my chair' between four and four fifteen in late afternoon - peaceful, soothing light before the suns sets.
 December has been mild, mild and the flowering kale is loving it. Today is frigid!
 Mr D is in puzzle heaven...I like to help with the last fifty! :)
I'm liking the pace of January...the cozy, early darkness with the winds howling out doors and being snugged inside our little haven from the bustle of life.

We are blessed, blessed and wish you the same!