Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Walkway and Another Arbor

The path around the north side of the house felt a tad unwelcoming with its tendenency to be muddy after a rain. I decided to use my leftover mish-mash of broken bricks and and block to create an attractive walkway on one side of the wooden bridge and flagstone on the other end. When I started the project I had no idea by the time it was finished I had another arbor to work with and before the garden tour to boot...oh, happy sigh!

A nearby gardening friend is moving away from this area and was selling her arbor at her annual yard sale over Memorial week end. When I saw it I debated about buying it as in 'WHERE will I put it?!' It was a PERFECT fit for this walkway! We're both delighted with my decision to buy it - she even got a little teary-eyed when she stopped by to see where we put it, bless her heart!

The columbines were cut back and the wooden posts were placed around the gardens and look very much at home in other places.
I love, love it!
And the other end...
I even tucked some moss in between the brick, hoping it will be happy there and fill in the spaces. 
Altogether, it is a very welcoming place to walk through now!

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Family Reunion 2012

I come from a family of twelve and this past week end, we had our annual reunion. Oh, the memories we made - the memories we talked about - the memories we look forward to the next time we meet! Without further ado...our week end in picture!
We cook our own breakfasts and this chef does it all for his family!

He shared his secret for yummy bacon - Deliciousness!
Brothers roasting their breakfast.
Food tasters and chief bar-be-que helpers!
A beautiful gaggle of girl advisers.
Saving our cups!
Grandpa and tiny five week old Lilyanna Hope, the youngest one there.
Just chillin!
Playing games
 Black seven
 The Littles play.
 Grandson B and, 'Grandma, watch me!'
Sunday morning sharing time.
We look forward to our 2013 gathering!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Week End Family Time

Our family spent the week end at our cabin in central Pa. The weather was perfection! Friday was a big Work Day, wrapping up some long dreamed of projects, one of which was clearing a creekside to make it more accessible and safer for the little ones to splash in the water. It was a fun-filled time!

Here's our week end in picture.

Working at the creek.
The Watchers
The Planners
The Workers
(this one got stuck!)
Taking a Break
The Mudders
Boy Cave
Cousin Time
Hair Dresser
Game Time
 SIL W introduced us to Ga-Ga, an Israeli form of dodge ball that all ages can play providing you're agile enough to dodge the ball!
 Father/Daughter Time
Croquet and Amish Golf
At The End Of The Day

Early the next morning, Mr D and I walked down to the peaceful sound of water rushing over rocks. 
We walked back another quarter mile through a boggy lane and obviously without the proper foot gear - I hiked up my skirt, took off my shoes, bit the bullet and walked through the mud! Dorky, I know but it was so worth it! :) 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Simple Chair Change

Want to do a simple chair change? Well, if pulling out several layers of staples is simple!! I wanted to use this chair in the gazebo for the garden tour but oh my, did it clash with the theme...never mind that I did not like it! I picked up this chair so long ago I forget where it was but I liked its bones.
 I had some spare time the day before the garden tour and decided to rip off the fabric and throw some kind of cover over it. I was delighted to see this buried under that ugliness!
Isn't this a delightful surprise? I love it and for now, it's staying just like it is!

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cottonwood House

Vern, at Cottonwood House does a fabulous extravaganza at her house annually and out did herself this year. It was a buffet of amazing stuff with amazing people!
 - Beautiful Vern -
 - Welcome sign -
Me oh my!
I almost, ALMOST bought the chandelier...
oh, I wanted it!