Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Homemade Pita Bread

Nope...fleurcottage is not turning into a food blog! Because of my husband's health I have more time to try out recipes that intrigue me and homemade pit bread is one of them. I also made homemade flour tortillas which are so simple and so fun to make, I think I'll go in the business of making them to sell. Ho-ho...THAT is a great big 'just kidding!' because I don't even like to spend time in the kitchen!

You'll find plain and easy instructions at  Stella B's Kitchen and though this is not a direct link to the pita bread, it can be found there by scrolling through her many food recipes.

The dough is very soft and needs lots of flour to work with when dividing
and forming the pita bread - it's a divide and conquer process.
Rolling them out is easy and again, use lots of flour.

My rolling pin is new. We were given one as a wedding gift and it resided in my kitchen drawers for forty-three years until several months ago when I decided I'll never make a pie again. I was glad to get rid of it - it was big and clumsy and didn't fit into my old kitchen drawers. Hence, the need for a new rolling pin that is smaller and lighter...so yay for small and light traded for old and clumsy!
They puff up while baking!
 Now is a good time to do some window peeking while baking.
Finished results.
Like Stella says...odd shapes add character and isn't that heart-shaped one cute!
Proudly showing off my flour tortillas and pita bread.
Just don't do what I did by cutting slits in the side of the pita.
It wasn't until I did that to five pitas it dawned on me to simply cut them in half!
No, I don't have a beautifully staged sandwich to end this with. I'll let that up to the pros.
This post is merely to show you what common, ordinary people-who-don't-like-to-spend-time-in-the-kitchen can do.
Even four year old Bub can do this!

PS #1
You'll notice the cooling rack placed on the oven rack to bake the pita.
Stella explains all about that and I bought mine for five bucks
and it makes cool-looking marks on the bottom.
Not that anyone notices the bottom!
PS #2
I like to know when I eat either of these I'm not eating a long list
of unpronounceable words.
PS #3
Next time I'm using whole wheat flour.

Give both of these a try - they really are simple, easy and quick to make!