Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Lovely Coffee Filter Project

I saw this on a blog and loved the idea (oh help! will my blogger friend contact me to get the credit!)! Several days later I found a stamp at our local thrift shop for a buck fifty and even though it isn't in French, it is a lovely script and a lovely verse. Needless to say, I was delighted! All it takes is a brayer, ink, coffee filter and a stamp. It's the first EVER stamp project for me! I discovered it's easier to ink the stamp and press the coffee filter on it with my hands, centering it, then doing the outside edges. Easy-peasy!
PLEASE, do not leave this unattended! The paper gets warm and the votive hot. The candle was in the votive already and it's possible a tea light may not get quite as hot - just don't leave it alone. Such a lovely idea for Christmas!

Edited: Cottage Living suggested battery candles which is a great idea! Thanks, Mariaelena!



Speaking of Christmas...I was at Wal-Mart this morning and Breath of Heaven was coming over the speakers - LOVE this song!

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Star

I'm sorry I don't remember who's blog this was on but after seeing it, I knew I wanted to make one, too. I traced a star pattern on cardboard and started rolling sheet music. I glued the longest ones at the five points and went from there, following the pattern. From the quirky placed 'joy' to its simplicity, it's a keeper for Christmas!
Due to the kitchen reno, my Christmas decorating is going to very minimal for now. If all goes as planned, I'll be able to do lots the week of Christmas...if I do, it'll stay up all January!


But the star of the week end was this little one!
{our seventeenth grandchild}
Sweet little Kyra, born Saturday!
Thank you all for the congratulations and sweet words of blessing. I loved reading everyone, both here and on face book!


- From the pulpit -

"Thanksgiving begins and ends with thanksgiving to God."

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Saturday, November 26, 2011


Kyra Shante
(light-to sing)
7 lbs
Born: 10:30 AM
November 26, 2011

Kyra is our seventeenth grandchild and our sixth granddaughter...we all are thrilled!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

White Luncheon

Tuesday I hosted a luncheon for seven in our home. I love the cleanness of white and chose to use the painted white pumpkins and plastered roses with clear glass candle sconces. The tablecloth is bleached drop cloth from HD. The table was pretty but the guests were lovelier!

This is my Thanksgiving tablescape and the last meal served to guests until the new kitchen is in, which will be just in time for Christmas week!

I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Plastic Flowers? Yes, Indeed!

Those of us from the baby boomer age and older, clearly remember the plastic flowers from the fifties to the eighties that were the epitome of decor. We had them on our bridal table at our wedding! (BLEH!) Truly UGLY with dust bunnies hidden in their depths. Though they are harder to find, all is not lost!

I found the idea and instructions at Songbird several years ago and knew I wanted to do them someday. Mr D was gone this week so that 'someday' happened this week. So easy and simple to do! I used wallboard compound instead of plaster because there was a dried-up container of it and I added too much water. I thought of my plastic roses (though I've never seen roses like these...just sayin'!)waiting for me and ta-da, here they are!

- before -
After taking it all apart and swishing them around in the plaster, I placed them on this rack because it was time I'd use an old oven/grill rack. I used everything - leaves, smaller flowers and buds.
After an overnight drying time, I spray painted them with a primer and will give them a coat of flat paint when I go to HD AGAIN! They look better dull, rather than with a shine which the eggshell will do. This project takes more time than work!

I put them with my painted pumpkins that used to be the typical orange on the living window ledge...
and clustered together on top of a book.
They are a little fragile but can easily be re-plastered. Coolness itself! :)

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

An Award

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic awarded me!

Seven bits of information about me:

I hate shopping in big malls!
I love gardening and thrift stores.
My liking for cooking on a scale is a seven.
I enjoy beautifying castoff pieces of furniture.
I come from a family of twelve children, evenly gender divided.
I only dabble in crafts - too much of one thing and the fun is gone.
 We have eleven grandsons, five grandaughters and expecting an addition next week!

Reasons why I like these blogs: 

I like the simplicity of this blog and the beauty of their home. And their babies? Such sweetness!

This gal is whirlwind of getting things done even though she's a busy mom of four boys and one sweet girlie! They just moved into a lovely victorian home with dreams of beautifying it.

Reading the Home and Harmony blog is just that! They're also in the process of beautifying their newly purchased house but their former home is worth spending time reading about - it's so beautiful! 

This gal is chock full of crafty ideas!
Lorene is a new blogger and I've known her all her life. She's a born writer and a wonderful mom to  three boys and one girl.

This is a favorite! Not only is Martha is a WONDERFUL cook (I'd hire her in a flash!) but more importantly, she's our daughter-in-law and a wonderful wife to our son and mother to our
 three grandsons and one grandaughter.

I've known Janelle for a long time but blogging has made us new friends. She's got THE best yard sales, doesn't know a stranger and chatting with her makes the world a brighter and better place! 
Shelly is a busy mom of three youngins' but still takes the time to research and share the good stuff of life she's interested in, so others can benefit from her knowlege! She's a Canadian gal that's been transplanted to Lancaster County by her husband Phil, whom I've known all his life.


 I decided to change things up a bit with this award because I know it takes time to connect with seven other, girls, do whatever you want with this award - please...don't feel obligated to pass it on. It was my chance to share some of my favorite blogs!

Monday, November 14, 2011


On age:

I must be getting old. Several weeks ago, I went to an indoor yard sale only to discover it was the next week. Last week I wanted to attend my second Christmas open house and when I got there it's this week!

I was happy:

Finding a very shabby, leather suitcase for which I don't know where I'll use but use it I will!

New project:

This thing hasn't seen the light of day in many, many moons!

A first:

Roman shade in the dinning room. The verdict? Not sure!

Another sign:

This one is for Christmas and right now, it's a disappointment that I'm hoping to fix.

I'm sad:

There's lots of brilliant trees like this one in beautiful color but most of the other leaves are down. Autumn is giving its last hurrah! (btw...that is our home in the background)

About Christmas:

My first Christmas concert for this season. Sunday evening Mr D had other plans, so I invited several friends to go with me to this concert...

It was HEAVEN!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bathroom Re-do

I was of two minds whether I wanted to give our bathroom a re-do because I did really like the 'flowery-ness' of it. But it was time for a change, especially after giving the bedroom a new look. I used the same wallpaper for both rooms, though I had to do some fancy piecework to get it done!
I needed to match a border to it and am very pleased with the the results!
I switched a larger mirror for the smaller one that had been there.
New towels from Target and Kolhs hung on simple black screw-in hooks.
This is my first sign though this one is the second time around! I simply flipped it over and used the other side. Other than the obvious, I chose this word because it has a 'dressing room' connection, aside of the fact that it's different and a french word!
- before pictures -

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Christmas at The Cottonwood House

Vern from The Cottonwood House opened her home for a Christmas extravaganza for the third year, three days last week. Vern is a wonderful, brimful-of-ideas, talented friend and a cousin by marriage and always welcomes folks into her home with open arms! Due to the economy, she closed  her shop and took it to her home, opening it several times a year. It's ALWAYS a delightful event to attend her extravaganzas and as well as other gifted women selling their wares there. My hat's off to you, Vern, because I know you work hard and long hours for this fun time for all your loyal customers! 
- the entrace -
- music room -
- family room -
- foyer -
- upstairs walkway -
- name cards -
- The Barn -
There's something in this picture that is the essence of Vern...bright and full of light, classy and with a touch of French. This is HER!

Friday, November 4, 2011

What's a gal to do?!

This was an ongoing meaning-to-do project...repaper our bathroom. Hubs was gone for three days this week and I finally knuckled down and got it done. I was so excited with the results and eager to get it on my blog and link up to a few parties.

But...(I hate buts!)

I made my first sign and was very pleased with the results, only to discover this French word should be spelled with one el, not two! What's a gal to do?! So...until that gets corrected the final post will need to wait till next week.

I'm going to a  HUGE  indoor yard sale tomorrow morning...YA-HOO!
Until next week! 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Master Designer

Have you noticed a new button on my side column? Darlene from Fieldstone Hill initiated this manifesto and I want it to be my declaration, too. There's a link on the bottom of the manifesto if you're interested in joining the list.



“I am a Master Designer.

I love Beauty;

I see potential and I want to fill it with beauty.

I aim to create something beautiful that is worthy of joy.

Design is a high calling, one that can improve the lives of others, be a means to foster relationships, and add much joy to my family.

I appreciate fine and lovely things, but they are not my treasures.

I know what is truly important, and

I do not aim to “store up my treasures here on earth.”*

I live to bring glory to God, the Ultimate Master Designer.

He created Beauty.

He created all beautiful things.

And, He created my passion for design, and set that joy in my heart.

Everything that I create,

and have created,

is because I myself was created by a Master.

I am a Master Designer.”

*{verse reference, Matthew 6:19}