Tuesday, August 17, 2010

chalkboard easel

remember this lovely easel i found at Cottonwood House?
i wanted to use it on the twilight tour
and decided to make a chalkboard to fit the size of the easel.
i started with a stray piece of floor underlayment.
(i think i'll create a sign from the warranty section!)
i primed it with kilz,
then spray painted it with chalkboard paint.
using moulding and scrollwork from HD,
i made a frame for it.
because of the obvious marks from the clamps,
i poked random 'pinworm' holes in it, using an icepick.
after finishing it i discovered the scrollwork
 interfered with the scrolly top of the easel...
so i flipped it upsidedown.
i finished the back off with burlap
(should have primed it first - it would have stuck better).
i used it for the tour to post the credits.
and the menu for the give-away tea...
...which was a fun-filled evening!
when it's not in use otherwise,
it's back in the corner of the livingroom,
with quotes on it to give me food-for-thought reminders!



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Erin said...

Turned out terrific, and an item that can be used a million times is a winner in my book:)

Anonymous said...

thanks again Esther for the fun "give away" eve. the food was great and the fellowship sweet. always enjoy spending time in your garden and seeing what new thing you added!

Shelly said...

I like it!

junkermidge said...

Love your chalkboard and the easel it goes with! Gorgeous!

. said...

That is just beautiful!!!

junkgarden said...


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