Tuesday, August 17, 2010

around the gardens

Remember this post and this post on rooting roses? Of the many advantages in starting plants this way, one can 'do it and forget it' which is what I did. One day, walking past it, I noticed a tallish plant inside the cloche and, sure enough, a cutting was growing...so exciting! Now one can brag for years to come about a plant one started!
Seriously, it is a satisfying feeling! :)
Two out of three starts...wonderful! Now I have two thornless Zepherines roses to plant or give away. The hydrangea cutting is still alive but not any bigger than the day I put it in. The New Dawn rose has produced two new shoots that look great, but I did think more than that would root. (oops...never mind my lovely toes!)
The Nelly Mosier clematis I trimmed back to six inches is blooming again.
And the water iris' are loving the heat and blooming like mad!
And this? Well, it's a gift that keeps on giving! I'm pulling this away about every ten days. And check out the roof! Remember I said it would grow into your house?! Wisteria LOVES heat and it grows QUICKLY in it...it will need its third haircut but only because I didn't give cuts earlier so technically, it should be its fourth or fifth. Never mind all the growth coming out of its foot! But it does give nice shade and the flower pods turn into a conversation piece and every now and then it throws off another flower. 
Am I whining? Complaining? KINDA! It's still in a love/hate relationship!

After the twilight tour, I went into a kind of gardening slump coming from a bag of mixed feelings before and a 'now-its-over' hangover. It was hot and dry, my yard looked terrible from the fungus and just a general feeling of 'garden blahs.' Yesterday, I ran an errand down to DIL M and Shawn, bless his heart! wondered if there's something he could do for me. He mowed the grass which hadn't been mowed since the day of the tour and moved the sandbox back. Thank you, thank you, Shawn!

We've had beautiful rains after three weeks of hot and dry, the grass is over seeded and I feel inspired again!
The sparrows are gobbling something in this area...hopefully it's bugs and not the grass seed! :) Such is the life of the a gardener! :)

...happy gardening!


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