Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Third Wall in Our Kitchen

 The third wall in our new kitchen is very different! The cupboard was intended as an island but after several weeks with it in the center of the kitchen, I moved it back against the wall. We both like it better this way. Notice the two footstools under it? They're for our grands to 'help' grandma in the kitchen (and for me!).
 The clock was gifted by daughter J for my December birthday. I picked it out because I wanted the size and the word 'HOTEL Lancaster' on it as we live in Lancaster County.
 I brought a few blue jars back into play again. I fringed the burlap runner and the baskets are from Home Goods.The top is agate which I really like - I can place hot things on it right from the oven. This cupboard started out as the bottom of a generic Hoosier cabinet and I did a retro on it. Info on another post!
 I fashioned this curtain from a bed skirt. I like it's slightly ruffly, flirty, pin tuck look!
This shelf was where the clock is now. All of these changes have cut back on some major dusting, which is an added bonus. I did like it back then but do really like the simpler, cleaner look!

Again, I was blessed by your comments - THANK YOU!

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Anonymous said...

You inspire me! I love your updates and your new kitchen pictures couldn't come fast enough:)

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