Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Get-Away

Christmas eve eve, Mr D and I did a local, twenty-four hour get-away, with a part of it gifted to us from our children LAST...yep - 2010...Christmas! Being a homebody myself, this get-away was enormously fun and was just a twenty minute drive away but felt like we were in another state.
 A delicious Italian meal served to us with all the flourishes of the elite! A fun and interesting event, which is what this twenty-four hour get-away was all about!

Romantic? Yes, indeed! The entrance to our little cottage.
 We took these goodies home with us. I ate most of the chocolate coated pretzels, leaving the ends for Mr D...I know, I know, but it sure was de-lish and I love me some choclate more than what he does! :)


Mrs. S. said...

Wow! Glad you had a great looks marvelous!

♥love, ♥love, ♥love


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Ruby Jean said...

Oh that sounds so VERY delightful and LOVELY!!! so glad you were able to get away even if it was a year later... :) Have a wonderful New Year!!

Unknown said...

How fun! You'll have to do it again next year, gift certificate or not. :)

Sandi said...

That place looks really nice Esther!! Glad you could get away even if it was close to home. Our kids get us a Bed and Breakfast gift certificate every Christms. {my cousins b and b Kimmel, Indiana} We love it!!!

Miss Gracie's House said...

sweet...sounds like so much fun...I want a 24 hr. getaway!

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