Thursday, December 23, 2010


i caught the coffee-filter-music-sheet wreath bug.
they really are simple to make!
look lovely!
i made the coffee filter wreath without know where i was placing it.
 it hung for a while on the elk antlers,
and a few other strange places.
eventually, out of sheer desperation,
 i hung it over the laundry-leading-to-the-garage door for the Christmas House Tour.
it filled a blank i didn't know was there.

i like!
aren't her ruffles pretty?
 after stitching a ring on the end,
a screw on the other side of the door keeps the upholstery tape (a thrift find) in place,
- ta-da -
 there she hangs!
(LOVE those ruffles!)
now when i walk through the kitchen into the laundry,
this is what i see!
truely like!
(maybe, just maybe...i'll do a white one!)

after talking to this talented gal who follows blogs...
(but doesn't blog herself)
 i knew i was ready to try the sheet music wreath.
i glued a bull's eye mirror in the center.
both are very easy to make!
i found most of my sheet music at a local thrift shop,
and am eager to do more projects with it...
after the New Year!



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6 comments: said...

OMGosh! That is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I want to see one in white! Could ya do that please??? LOL!
I LOVE your blog and Im your newest follower! Link that GORGEOUS Filter wreath up at my "Whassup" Linky!!! It ROCKS! If you like my blog, i would love for you to follow...Im your newest follower! Now...Come over and LINK THAT UP!



~sharon said...

I really like the sheet music wreath! And I'm sure it fits in rather nicely at your house with your sheet music covered tables.

Anonymous said...

I really hoped that pic would be forgotten;) I like your coffee filter wreath will definately have to try one now.

Carolyn said...

They are both lovely!

Christmas Blessings to you and yours,


Tricia said...

I really like the idea of the mirror in the center of the sheet music wreath. They all look lovely. I purchased the coffee filters but have not had the opportunity to make that one yet.

Sandy said...

Very nice wreaths! I've done a sheet music wreath, but have not tried the coffee filter one.
Hope your Christmas was blessed!

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