Friday, December 17, 2010

someone got it!

this year, i bought christmas wrap before christmas!
now, i realize its been several years since i've bought gift wrap,
(hey...i'm a tight-wad - i buy for several years ahead!)
i bought this at wal-mart...
the inside of the paper is scored to cut...
(under new management?)
now if my family gets candycane gift wrap for their gifts the next five years,
they'll know it's because of these scored lines...
sure made thishaterofgiftwrapping a pleasure to wrap gifts!



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Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

Finally a scored wrapping paper! I've not seen this. I need lines...IF I was concerned at all about cutting straight pretty lines. For wrapping is all willy-nilly, I have to admit, I don't wrap sparingly. I try, but it doesn't happen.
Maybe I'll get me some when it goes on sale after Christmas!

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