Monday, December 27, 2010

our christmas

our family christmas was delightful!
friday evening was spent in passing on our thrift/personal goodies to our children...
there was lots of laughter and reminiscing!
but i'll do another post on that.
 we clean up the garage and eat out there.
 and yes...we use paper plates!
DIL M made these yummy-ish-ness!
eager anticipation! 
the four stoogies!
 feminine flair for my grandgirlies.
these two youngins' picture posing.
christmas wasn't white
but we were on the fringe of the nor'easter that came the next day.

today is sunny and cold.




Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

sounds delightful!

Oh that would be so nice to have a garage for everyone to sit and eat!
Was there enough body heat to make if comfortable? OR
did you have to use some source of heat?

my curiosity is getting to me!
I love the sit down dinner, it must be wonderful to have a place large enough for everyone!
thanks for sharing.

Cindy said...

Your grandchildren are lovely, they all look pretty happy with their gifts. How nice to have a space large enough to accommodate a large gathering. I miss that, our cottage is so small, I would not dare have more than ten or twelve people over. I would love to have our ladies meeting at my house, but i am so afraid that they couldn't hardly get in the door. I would die of embarrassment. Your wreaths (I read down some) are lovely! I tried a book page wreath and I could not do it. But, I SO want to make a sheet music wreath, I think I will try that one soon.
I enjoyed my visit.
Hugs and smiles, Cindy

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