Monday, April 12, 2010

week end musings

 the cottonwood house had her barn sale on friday and saturday.
Vern has a knack of finding shabby chic items or doing them herself.
she also has unique antique finds...
i seldom leave there without a goodie of some kind.
here is the goodie i bought this time...
an easel!
isn't this lovely?
love the scrolly design!

i walked back to the bedroom to put it there 'for now'
  and had a 'happy accident.'
i found this spot...


- from the pulpit -

  My name

- what is my name?
- do i know who i am?
- do i think about all the names that were given to me by others?
- do i take pride in my name?
- do i feel shame in my name?

- we must come face to face with our name
- God knows exactly who we are
- God puts a new meaning to our name
- we will have a new name in heaven


today i read a blog by Shawn Smucker on similiar thougths -
 take a moment to read it!



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Vern Smoker said...

Oh My Word!!! The easel and the way you arranged it is superb!!!

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