Wednesday, February 22, 2012


There's an organic farm a hefty stone's throw from our house. Because of Mr D's cancer journey (here and here), we are much more careful what we eat, though we have'nt switched to organic with all of our foods. We are blessed to live in a community where there's lots of roadside stands and/or families who raise foods through the summer without using lots of chemicals. This family is a co-op that operates several farms in the community, all organic. This farm was rented by the co-op and because of land prices in our area, unfortunately, could not afford the million or so to buy it. It was sold and is going to be farmed with chemicals and crap again.
This is a very common sight at the farm...raising heifers and chickens together! Both are moved constantly to fresh grass to graze. The chickens are cared for with food and water in the barn 24/7 and even have their own watch dog to protect them from whatever vultures are around. The heifers have their own water and food supply as well.
We will miss this sight!


Mr. Smith@TheSmithGarage said...

I hope you find another good place to get your organic foods. Mr. Smtih is praying for Mr. D.

Arleens favorite home said...

Progress stinks! Love and prayers to Mr. D.

afaf said...

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