Monday, April 19, 2010

my mini garden

this morning i filled my greenhouse garden,
first havesting the onions that were in over winter.

i planted kale, buttercrunch lettuce,
 three red and one yellow tomatoes.
the red tomatoes were a bargain as there were three in one pot
for the same price as one.
(coming from penny-pinching stock, i look for that kind of a bargain!) 

i used compost as i filled in the planted holes,
and the collected rainwater is right outside the door...
i can taste the tomatoes already!


-  from the pulpit -

In years gone by,
when pottery broke,
the potter used wax to mend it.
After it was painted and glossed,
the wax could not be seen.
But when it sat in the sun for a time,
the pottery would break and shatter to pieces.
Is my life patched together with 'wax,'
that falls apart under the 'heat' of life?
am I sincere, real, true through and through?

i was challenged!



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