Saturday, March 20, 2010

my cutesie garden

within the last decade i had a lot of tropical plants in the summer 
and went through a phase of starting my own plants from cuttings.
so i bought me a greenhouse
from a special fund funds.

i got wiser weary
of trying to keep all the potted plants in pristine condition,
saidreadmylips so in summer #1, no more potted plants -
and in summer #2...
no more tropical plants.
i was weaned liberated!

last summer i used the brick in the greenhouse floor
and using them on another project.
got this brillant idea to use the greenhouse
for a summer garden...

i hauled out sand and hauled in dirt.
even made sure an earthworm got in!
added manure, fertilizer, lime, organic stuff...
you all get picture -
and planted my stuff.

i learned some interesting facts last summer.
- takes lots of water
- gets VERY warm
- stuff grows fast
and tastes delicious!
- good place to start seedlings
but doesn't make a good cutting garden for flowers.

here she is...
my cutesie garden
sugar baby onions...all 96 of 'em!
the larger onions were in all winter -
these were spring onions that were growing roots...
so i 'rooted' them in the greenhouse.

this keeps the bunnies out at night...
and my water supply...
the tomatoes will be planted as the weather warms up
and i'll soon enjoy those spring onions!



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