Tuesday, April 20, 2010

edging beds

Edging is probably the number one question I'm asked how I do. Believe it or not...I enjoy edging the flower beds. It's a time of meditation and mental therapy while my hands and feet automatically do the job. It's a mixture of exercising - bending, stretching, tugging, using arm/hand muscles and...it's free! :)

An edger can be bought or rented but I've found them too heavy, awkward and uncontrollable, adding unnecessary frustration to a job that merely takes time and a shovel. I've noticed the local Amish families have very deep, almost ditch-like edging but my personal opinion is that it works for a push mower but too deep for a gas mower...again, it's a personal choice what kind of a look one wants. It's also best done in the spring or after a rain when the ground is soft.

What you see here is the way mine is done:
I use my small shovel, push it in and lift it up slightly to loosen it...
I also do five to seven foot sections at a time -
cut, loosen, pull up.
Sometimes I simply flip it over in the bed, depending if it needs to be filled in.

The grass can be used to 'mend' places that need to be filled in, either empty spots in the yard or to fill in low places in a flower bed, which is what I did here...
I lifted the stone and laid the grass in upsidedown so it doesn't grow again and kept adding until it was as high as I wanted it to be.
After topping it with grass...
(as a mulch) it looks much better.

This grass can be used to fill a new bed as well...just be sure to lay it in upsidedown or kill the grass with roundup after it's in place. Just don't throw it away...



- summer maintenance -

To keep it fresh looking, you can take the slow way by going on your hands and knees with a hand trimmer, (yes I do...sometimes, someplaces!), taking a small shovel and using an up and down motion along the edge (it's quicker than it sounds!) and my prefered method, or a weed eater (which I've never mastered).
...happy gardening!


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