Friday, April 16, 2010


Daffodil are the harbinger of spring at our house so when they bloom...well, the color never leaves until it's wintry. But what does one do with 'em after their show is over?

One of the things you can do is plant them close to other perennials that will grow 'over' them such as hostas, which grow soon after the daffys are finished - tuck 'em under their leaves.

It's important to deadhead them or the flower will produce a 'bulb' like this...

which will 'drain' the bulb of its energy for the next year. Deadheading is easy - simply reach in to the lower part of the stalk and snap 'em off with your fingers. It takes very little time and looks worlds different!

And the foliage? Please, please...don't waste the time to knot, twist, braid or rubberband 'em! I let 'em alone until they flop over or I get tired of them...usually the 'tired' comes first...then I cut 'em off TO THE GROUND! Yes, I know the elitists professionals say not to because 'it hinders the flower for the next year.' I've been doing it that way for years and I have LOTS of daffys every spring. If the flower seem to be getting less it's because they need to be lifted up and divided. Then it's like trying to give zucchini away in its season... you have to sneak 'em into someone else's place! :)

My kitchen and laundry are a wreck but I'm off to a local first time flower show at the New Holland Recreation Center and a quick stop at Ken's Gardens who are having 20% off of all their plants...ooh-la...spring IS here!

...happy gardening!


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Enjoying the Scenery said...

Have fun at the flower show! I went past there today and it was full. Looks like a good turn-out. I wanted to go but we have a ladies retreat this weekend!

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