Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sibling Week End

Spending a few days together as siblings is never taken for granted! As we get older, all of us realize that a 'until next year' good-bye may be different. We love spending this time together! Lest you think it always was this way - it wasn't. I'm constantly amazed at the wondrous healing God did in our lives, both personally and collectively. We laugh and cry together, we pray with and encourage each other. We speak blessing into each other's lives. It is GOOD!

It was beautiful!
 Walking the trail.
The little ones are sis-ta Lil's grandbabies. They live IN and their daughter lives in PA
so they spent the day with us. Little L is leading the way,
splashing and 'fishing' in puddles and the creek!
 Love the texture of stone, wood, fern and mushroom.
Playing games while smoking the ribs.
 Soooo delicious!
E trying to stay warm.
The gang...
 and seven of eleven siblings. We missed the others!

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Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

How wonderful that you all get together to celebrate your lives together and share in the bitter sweet memories, too. Who better to share with...than loved ones,huh?

looks like fun...and delicious food. Pat

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