Thursday, October 4, 2012

Crock Pot Yogurt

Thanks to my friend Sari, I've been making the easiest and oh-so-simple, delicious yogurt!
Without further ado, these are the instructions...

Step 1. Pour one gallon of milk in a crock pot.
Cover with lid and on lowest setting, let heat for two and one half hours.
Step 2. Unplug and let sit for three hours, covered with lid.
Step 3. Stir in one cup yogurt and sweetener of choice - I use 3/4 tsp of stevia.
Cover with towels and let sit for eight hours.
The picture above is after this step. Stir well with whisk till smooth.
This can be used like this after chilling in refrigerator but I prefer making Greek yogurt as the next step.
 Step 4 (optional). I line the bottom of this Tupperware strainer with a coffee filter, set it inside another container and pour the yogurt in, letting it drain till desired thickness.
The next picture is the product of an overnight stay in the frig.
 I give it a good stir with a whisk again and pour into containers.
Yield: two quarts yogurt - two quarts whey.
If you Google whey, you'll find the many ways it can be used. 
Favorite ways to eat yogurt:

eating with baked oatmeal
 yogurt parfait deliciousness
just as it is for a quick snack!

Coming up next:
two more food recipes to share.
It's time to play catch-up on them!

Edited January, 2013:

I tried almond meal milk without success.
Do not use frozen/thawed yogurt as a starter for the next batch - major fail!
 I'm guessing the culture 'froze out.'
1 tbsp vanilla can be added with the starter for added flavor.


Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Ok...I've got questions Esther!
1.) Plain yogurt? (no fruit or flavors?)
2.) Yogurt from the store?
3.) Can fruit be added?
4.) If so, Do you add it upon making or serving?

This just seems too easy. I'm not trying to complicate...but... I just want to be sure. I'd love to make this. I'm pinning it!!!

Arlene said...

Are you serious 3/4 tsp. stevia? not 3/4 cup? I make my own yogurt also but I add much more sweetener than that. Curious.

fleurcottage said...

Corn in my coffee pot:
Experiment! :)
We like it plain then add our choice of fruit, etc.
I use yogurt from a previous batch.
Adding fruit into the batch is opt.

The stevia I use is potent so yes, I add only a 3/4 tsp!

Anonymous said...

Where are you letting it sit for 8 hrs? I'm thinking by instructions it is out on the counter and I'm not liking that idea since I'm a food handler. Is it safe to do that if you do?

fleurcottage said...

anonymous: yes, letting it sit out on the counter for 8 hrs is correct. i'm not a food handler so i can't explain what happens in those 8 hrs but i've never had trouble w/it turning bad. i found letting it sit longer makes a thicker/better yogurt. i'd be interested in knowing what causes it to turn into yogurt myself...

Anonymous said...

Does it need to be raw milk or whole milk? Will ANY milk work?

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