Monday, October 8, 2012

Praise Page

Today, my heart is filled with praise!
 Not because our circumstances have changed - they haven't.
My heart is filled with praise because of the amazing community of believers.
They care!
They pray!
They bless!
They encourage!
They listen without without giving old, worn out cliches!
Family and friends are a bright, shinning light in the middle of the hard stuff.
Thank you, Martha, for making a meal on chemo day - the chicken noodle soup hit the spot!
Thank you, Julia, for sitting with your father on chemo days - it helps to make a long day go fast!
Thank you, Rachel, for praying for me in church yesterday!
A season, a time, a purpose -
I'm thankful when life doesn't make sense, God is still sovereign!
I rest in that.
It's the work of God that makes my heart beautiful in the midst of pain. 
I'm so grateful Mr D has no pain...
the pain he had this summer left the afternoon of our anointing and has not returned!
James 4:14-16
We're married forty-three years.
Though celebrating fifty years together is uncertain,
I still believe the best is yet to be!
 Facing our future feels uncertain in a new way, but we count and enjoy every gift we have for the moment!
The chemo treatments Mr D is getting are intensive but he doesn't get sick.
He's missed only one day of work since the treatments began the end of August.
Life has slowed down in some ways but in other ways it's become sweeter.

Do you have a praise page?


Anonymous said...

God is good! So often I find that God's children who need encouragement are often the ones to encourage others. Thank you for sharing. Joyce

Anonymous said...

God is indeed good! despite the harsh dismissal from my employment. This came to my mind after it happened. vengeance is mine saith The Lord I will repay . so I'm thanking God for how He will supply my daily needs till I have another job . ginney

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