Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Week End Musings

We reached another milestone in our family...our first grandchild celebrated his sixteenth birthday last week. My, is this possible?! Seems like yesterday...

Happy birthday, Andre, wishing you a wonderful 16th year!
(please be cautious behind the wheel)! :)

We traveled to Antrim, Ohio, to spend Labor Day week end with our daughter and family. I did an overnight stay with my sister in Holmes County, an hours drive north, Friday evening and to attend the annual Haiti Auction. Them temps were in the nineties and it was WARM with crowds of people and lots of yummy foods! This auction generally yields several hundred thousand dollars with everything donated.
We drove through rain all the way home, slowed down by an accident that detained us for an hour and a half. Its been raining since, with more coming. Flooding is predicted - I wish we could share our rain with Texas!


From the pulpit -

The greatest frontier we face is ourselves.
Fear keeps us from what we are capable of.
To become extraordinary is to see how big God is - God in us.
Focusing on man is our greatest enemy but focusing on God is our victory!

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Blondie's Journal said...

Happy Birthday to Andre!

I'm sorry your trip was spoiled by bad weather. I think we all got a taste of the rain this past weekend!


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