Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Wheels

Hubs and I decided with the high price of gasoline, to garage his pickup (unless needed for hauling big items), buy another car for me and use our other car for him.
I really liked 'my' Taurus! I liked her silver color. With its sun roof and sporty-looking fin in the back, I felt like a teenager youngster driving it! :) This car was my wheels for eight years and I'm gonna miss her!

We found an excellent, excellent bargain on line and got a Fusion. This one is tan - plain tan! :) But a bargains, a bargain, and really, I'm beyond looks I hope! She rides nice and purrs like a contented kitty. She does have features the Taurus doesn't so it's a good trade off!
But she looks like a 'baby-boomer' wheels! (sigh!) 

And at sixty-three years old, that's where I'm at! :) Isn't it time to leave 'youngster' things behind and go beyond the 'sporty look?' In spite of the bargain, Hubs, THE bargain hunter, did say the choice was up to me - bless his heart!

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