Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rainy Days

What do you do on rainy days? We're in our fourth day and ten or more inches of continuous rain with still more to come. We're faring well here, though for the first time, we have water in our basement in the seven years we live here. It's only a trickle compared to what others are or will be facing in the flooding that's happening. We are blessed!

This is a good time to concentrate on unfinished and new projects. In spite of the dampness, I've been painting and it's slowly drying. I've been putting a movie or two away as well. After the summer rush, it is nice to relax and cozy in the house! Here are a few project pictures...

A shelf being transformed.
A small table.
My 'secret' project that's taking MUCH longer than I planned!
And last, a picture of my new best painting friend - a paint stiring tool.
I knew these were on the market, but my 'paint-stir-er' was Hubs. I asked him to stir up a long-standing gallon of primer and he was fed up with trying to get the job done - so he bought this lovely, time-saving tool at HD for around three bucks. It's wonderful! All one needs is a drill and, presto!, it's done! It's easy peasy to clean as well - merely  rinse with water...just be sure to do it right away!

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