Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Garden Tour in July

DIL M and I cruised through a twilight tour the end of July. It's always interesting to stroll through someone else's gardens and there's something calming about doing it in the 'gloaming hour!'

Stop number one:
This gal is her eighties and takes care of the cutest garden! She does most of the work with some help from family for the bigger projects.
A wonderful stone house with the gardens at its feet.
Lots of statuary, including this gigantic fountain.
The entrance to her gardens surrounded by bee-you-tee-ful blue hydrangeas!
Cute nooks tucked throughout.
A peek between the arborvitae.
And she manages this!

Stop number two:
Fannie is a personal friend of mine - they've got a lovely view of a valley behind their house!
They turned this location in what was a swimming pool into this beautiful sitting area!

Stop number three:

A gardening friend:

By now, it was heading fast towards dark but I love this picture...the gorgeous hydrangea, the stone house, the husbands chatting on the porch and the flag - so picturesque of our country!


Blondie's Journal said...

These gardens are simply stunning! You know that a lot of love and care went into them. Thanks so much for sharing, Esther!


Pearl@serenitycove said...

WOW...That 80 year olds garden is amazing! I hope I can "or still want to" garden when I'm that age.

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