Monday, September 19, 2011

Week End Musings

I found this really dirty old frame at a yard sale several years ago and stuck it out in the garage. I pulled it out last Friday and cleaned it up (somewhere the 'before' picture got lost). What is it about old wooden frames that is so fascinating? I gave it a GOOD scrub and underneath the filth was this lovely blue. Now, I like blue...just not in my house - but this one will stay! I like it, all the way to its cute, old hanger in the back.
For now, it's in a corner of our bedroom.
The gray suitcases are a yard sale find, paying the enormous amount of a dollar each - I know, life just isn't least that's the way I feel when I see other people's bargains! :) I love suitcases for their storage - so handy and a neat way to use them!


We had an awesome Communion last evening at church. Our leadership puts a lot of thought and care to make these times special. The theme last evening was 'He loves me' and was very powerful ...the songs, the message, the breaking of bread and drinking the cup...I left there feeling the power of a common-union and so blessed in my spirit!

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Joyce - Quilted Nest said...

Oh my - that frame is beautiful - and it picks up the coloring in your suitcases. Care to share w/ me how to put a signed name at the bottom of your posts? I'm too dumb to figure it out...

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