Monday, February 14, 2011

week end musings

- a babysitting week end picture post -
S is five and washed the dishes...twice...and did a great job!
grandpa and T playing marbles.
 drawing pictures for grandma.
 saturday morning B came for several hours - T and B having their morning snack.
 and S was invited to play with S...cute goofiness!
 helping hands with the CHICKEN CORN SOUP served for lunch.
T kept sneaking back into the bedroom to tap a few words - a future writer?


saturday evening DIL B stopped by to drop these off...
chocolate covered strawberries!
delicious thank you for keeping B for several hours! 

Sunday morning worship was a little sporadic...
between forgetting to take a small toy for T and a bathroom run for S -
then desperation called for stuffed toys that were in the car which equaled to separate trips...
well, this grandma has fuzzy memories of the morning! :)
what i heard in between the above was good, except it didn't compute in my mind.
grandpa helped to keep T happy with the smarties (he's the candyman at church) he carries with him -
(it really doesn't take much to keep T happy as long as his best friend is around - his nuk!)
but it was good to feel the fellowship!
we dropped the grandkids off after church, ate a quick lunch and sank into our chairs for a wonderful sunday afternoon nap!
in the evening, we went to a valentine dessert night at brother E's church -
oh, my...a fabulous chocolate fountain and todiefor desserts!


my followers reached one hundred this week end - we'll celebrate with a giveaway!




Cindy said...

Very sweet photos of your grands, aren't they just the cats meow?
Hugs, Cindy

Joyce - Quilted Nest said...

I bet those chillin's love going to grandma's! Something tells me you're one of the best.

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