Saturday, January 8, 2011

summer, why do i love thee?

i was browsing through my pictures to put one on my desk top and decided on this one...
the last two mornings it looked like this...
summer...why do i love thee?!
the table in the first picture fell apart and is now firewood.
it was replaced with a GW bargain.

the point?
life is seasons!
summer is my favorite season -
but i've learned to be content with winter...
to live, truly live, each season.
there'll be changes in the seasons -
things will fall apart,
the winters are cold, dark and feel long.
but like the two pictures above,
the foundation is the same.
God is the same,
yesterday and today and forever...
(truth spoken!)

it's not my truth -
it's God's Truth!



Anonymous said...

winter is also time of rest. rest to renew. roots go down deep to receive strength for the next spring/summer. a bare time, a time to be intimate w/Jesus, our foundation. winter is beautiful, even the brown, bare trees. (a new thought for me this winter.)

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Beautiful! A-men to that ~Cheers Kim

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