Monday, January 10, 2011

week end musings

i've been getting acquainted with this baby...
 a laptop!
(bought it with my own hard-earned money!)
i ALMOST took it back...just kidding  :),
but she does take a lot some getting used to.
going from a mouse to using fingertips is one.
  accidently going into another site i have no interest in is another.
then my blog looks different on her!
but we're getting acquainted and
i really like her cute, feminine looks!
hubs and i have been fighting colds for too long...
it feels like we're passing it to each other.
this morning, we've agreed to not to kiss each other for a week. :(
- from the pulpit -

Traveling Life Well.
- build a solid foundation
- share your journey - don't travel alone
- live in the light
- focus on the goal - a transformed life.

we're supposed to get more of this tuesday into wednesday.
(winter of 2010)

in the meantime,
we're having guests tonight for dinner,
and a lunch tomorrow with my girls...
delightful times!


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Joyce - Quilted Nest said...

Wow - you have alot of snow. We basically just have an inch or so. Love the laptop - you can still plug a mouse into her (I can't do laptops without one.) Sounds like you have fun dinner and lunch plans!

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