Monday, April 30, 2012

One year Later...

We celebrate life!

One year ago, our life was disrupted when Mr D was diagnosed with Colon cancer. Mr D and I were generally healthy, aside of a few glitches now and then, so hearing that was a shock! God favored us with His blessings and today he is doing very well.

After Mr D's cancer, we chose to be under the care of a nutritionist who is a godly, compassionate woman. She explained to us that Mr D had a fungus in his body that is caused by a white sugar/white flour diet. We both went on a no sugars/no grains food plan. I had been eliminating sugar for myself but Mr D? At first, it felt impossible for him but we took it a step at a time and today I'm very proud to tell you he does very well with it!

Thank God, I had started this journey several years for myself before we really did need to do it for life or death reasons. I was introduced to Elana's Pantry by a friend and discovered the wonderful world of almond meal and agava nectar (yes, I know there are pros and cons on agava nectar). Almond meal is used instead of flour and makes absolutely the BEST cookies! Several months ago I stumbled (I use 'stumbled' very lightly because I believe there is no 'stumbling' but God-ordained steps!) on Gluten Free Fix, another WONDERFUL site. She uses honey and/or maple syrup as a sweetener and her recipes are absolutely delicious! Having said all this, sweets was the biggest hurdle to cross in our new food plan and this was an answer to an unspoken prayer for us. Being able to eat delicious sweets that is so full of nutrition that one cookie or several bites of yummy pecan pie is sufficient is amazing!  

Replacing sweets really wasn't that difficult when we had such a good replacement but giving up ALL grains was much harder! I love shredded wheat and grape nuts and we miss the 'eating-cereal-for-a-quick-breakfast' mode. Mr D isn't one to cook eggs/pancakes for himself when I'm not there to fix breakfast for him, which thankfully, doesn't happen very often. One favorite breakfast is almond meal pancakes that are packed with nutrition!
Mix with fork:
3 eggs
3 TB water
2 TB agava nectar or rice syrup
1 tsp vanilla
Add and mix to wet ingredients:
1 1/2 cup almond meal
1/4 tsp each of salt and baking soda

Cook on medium to low heat and watch carefully - they burn easily!Leftovers can be refrigerated. It does get thicker sitting in the frig but I'll add another tablespoon of water if needed.

I also add a tablespoon or two of ground flax meal to the batter for added nutrition, cook it with blue berries,  top it with Greek yogurt and either maple syrup or agava. This makes a fabulous breakfast that keeps the tummy full til lunch...super, super good!

Go to this post for a few more more delicious receipes.

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