Tuesday, September 14, 2010

the tree is gone!

In a recent post I posted about the weeping peach tree...last week hubs cut! it! down! He made quick work of it and he and I soon had it cleaned up...glory! No more rotten fruit to mow over or attract the wasps or pits to rake out of the grass, thyme or walkway. Here's the Before...
cutting it up...
and the After.
This is what's here for now...I'll be doing some tweaking with it. The wooden column will get a post of its own...its got a story! It looked a little nekid at first without the tree and the neighbors can see when I walk outside looking kinda like 'Mrs. Harris went to Paris' but they're not at home much so it's no biggy and I shur luv the tree gone! Be sure to notice the candle inside the light on top of the column...a post coming up for that in the near future on my other blog!

...happy gardening!


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Linda said...

ohhh i love the chair etc on last picture! Happy Fall!

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