Monday, September 13, 2010

week end musings

signs of autumn
- dogwood berries -
- sweet autumn clematis -
- blue skies and rustling corn -
- i love me white pumpkins -
- fall door basket -
(another post on this)

- from the pulpit -

Two thoughts...
1. Everyone will face difficulties.
2. Who you ask for help is more important than what you ask...ask the Master!

This summer two young families from church moved to Jamaica for several years as missionaries.
Both are dealing with the need to make health decisions...
a 16 year old son has a major ear infection -
the other is the couple needing to make a decision about her mother,
who is in her second battle with breast cancer.
They're asking for wisdom whether or not to come home.
Then there is a third family who are asked to move to Asia as missionaries
and are visiting in various countries to help them come to a decision.
They're two teenage sons are dealing with major illness.

 But the Master cares!



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