Wednesday, September 15, 2010

doing a tea for twenty three

several months ago Vern, who is married to my cousin, asked if i would do a tea at our house for her mother, Hannah, who is celebrating her eightieth birthday this month. i've been processing this idea in my head for a while and figured this is as good as any time to dabble my feet in the 'hosting-teas-at-my-house' waters. today was the day! for a bit, it felt like going to...i'm-sinking-in-these-waters, but it quickly passed and i truly enjoyed it! i asked DIL M to make the sandwiches and scones to save me time but more importantly, to benefit from her creativity. i love setting up the table and doing fun foods but it all takes lots of time! i prepared most of the food the day before, leaving as little last minute things as i could.

Vern, helping with last minute details.

Hannah...isn't she beautiful?
she's in the middle of a brave fight against a recurrence of cancer.

 the day was perfect so i could set tables up on the back deck.
twenty three guests and it looks like the table goes on forever!

four generations!

enjoying a good sister-fest!

Vern was the meal hostess, freeing me up to introduce the foods and staying caught up with kitchen duties, an arrangement that worked well. and the food was yummy!
this drink came from my mother who got it from a friend and is de-lish!*
a wonderful, simple salad from a friend that got raves.
refreshing fruit with an option to eat with a dip.*
these blueberry and poppy scones made by DIL M were wonderful!
devonshire cream, blueberry jam and lemon curd* served with the scones.
cucumber on rye, chicken salad on wheat and asparagus wrapped in prosciutto
made by DIL M - sooo tasty!
lemon squares, tart cups filled with real cream, cream cheese, a little sugar
and topped with a blueberry and chocolate cookies with peanut butter filling.
and this little cutie-pootie pie was the youngest guest there -
her first tea party at her great-grandma's 80th birthday party...
how cool is that?!


i was left with wall-to-wall dishes and a MOUNTAIN of warm, wonderful memories! i feel honored Vern was willing to 'chance' me for this birthday-party-tea. will this lead to hosting more tea parties at our home?
 i hope so! :) 

(* indicates recipe will be posted.)




The lady of the house... said...

BEAUTIFUL JOB ESTHER!!! you are so talented!!

Erin@likegrandmas said...

Esther, your teas are always fabulous looking! How nice to be treated to seeing this!

Carolyn said...

You did a great job-everything was perfect! Thank you for sharin.


Carolyn said...

I forgot to say- I agree Hannah is beautiful and i hope she celebrates many more bithday teas with you!


Anonymous said...

Thanks,Esther--you did a great job and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. The food was wonderful!!

Mary Ann

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