Wednesday, August 25, 2010

featured house

this summer, for six weeks, due to the owners absence,
i was responsible to keep only the flower beds clean
at a privately owned residence.
others were responsible for the edging/mowing/general upkeep
of the property,
and i felt honored to be able to do this.
 they did a fabulous job of mulching and other prep work
before they left that it felt more like taking a walk in a park,
and pulling a few weeds now and then,
than it did actual work.
this is taken from the street and when they bought the house,
it couldn't be seen from the street due to an enormous amount of undergrowth.
it's a three-storied house with elderly residences living on the third floor,
whom had already been living there before they purchased it.
they've also recently remodeled the basement into vacation rentals for families.
 the design of the grounds are beautiful
and the owners are in the process of renting it for outdoor weddings.
at this wedding,
the bride chose these steps for the bridal entrance...
walking down to this!
 a ceremony by the creek in the back of the property.
pure romance!
notice the house on top right corner of the steps picture...
this area is the third level of the property.
the tent was set up on the second level.
the Stoltzfus' did a beautiful job of transforming this old Victorian home
into a livable, lovely place of beauty!




Erin@likegrandmas said...

Lovely Esther!

Linda said...

I do love this place! amazing outdoors

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