Monday, August 23, 2010

week end musings

friday evening i had a tea for the girls.
cute but a little cheezy! :)
they fed the fish...
played dress-up...
and hugged grandma!
we ate fruit,
and cupcakes.
the big girls were here as well but failed to take pictures of them!


there was a local hot air balloon festival on saturday evening.
i babysat B while his daddy was helping with a fire fighter activity 
(his mommy was at the beach).
watching the balloons going that look!
train that look, too!
there was a 'to scale' train there, giving children rides,
but B wasn't impressed with that at all...
he liked the balloons and the no sugar papaya popsicle better!
night time light-up.
fun evening!


- from the pulpit -

Temptation is not sin -
but a call to a battle...
a test to strengthen us
so we can grow.




Room to Inspire said...

Looks like a very fun tea party! Fruit, cupcakes and dress-up - what more does a girl need?!


Dianne said...

I just recently found your blog! I love your creative decorating ideas.
This must have been so special for your granddaughters! It is such a gift if grandparents want to spend time with their grandchildren!!!

Erin@likegrandmas said...

You remind me of my grandma, hugs to you:)

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