Thursday, August 26, 2010

pitiful hydrangea

When I bought this hydrangea, it was gor-ge-ous! I was lured by the purplish-black stems and by its dusty rose-pink flower. I found a place for it by the millstone bubbler, but  wanted it behind the bubbler and moved it again.
This spring I moved it over to the fish pond, splitting it into three, envisioning a glorious background of hydrangeas. I knew I was taking a chance by planting it in the sun, but the info did say 'sun to partial shade.'
It soon looked like this...really, really suffering from tooooo much sun! Today I moved it the third time. It's now over on the east side of the gazebo, after giving away the hostas that were there. I'm hoping it will get enough protection from the afternoon sun and will fill my expectations.
My theme song is...'There's always next year!' I'll give this at least one more summer and hope it will produce more than a few pinched flowers and burned, ugly leaves! Hydrangeas can be a rather complex and confusing plant to care for and I will be posting more about them in the near future.

...happy gardening!


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