Wednesday, June 23, 2010

eat your greens!

my sister, R, introduced me to green first scoffing response to that information was, 'i like to eat my food, not drink it!'  she told me to google 'green smoothies' and after checking it i out decided to give it a my surprise, it's actually good!

from there, i bought a dozen kale plants which are yielding an abundance of leaves
that beats any that are bought in the store!
kale can be bought in fresh bunches at the store and in ready-to-eat bags,
or spinach can be used instead.
you need - fruits of your choice
  a blender,
and you're on your way to a very nutritious meal!

this one has blueberries, pineapple and banana with twenty drops stevia (optional)
four leaves kale (or a handful) and 8-10 cubes of ice in it.
this one has clementine, pineapple, banana with the other ingredients
and is my favorite.
it's not called 'green smoothies' for nothing! :)
yield: approximately 16 oz, and one or two servings
try it...
i think you'll be surprised how tasty it is!


i know this is Wednesday but due to other reasons
i didn't write anything about our Father's Day service on Sunday.
there was a lot to think about.

- from the pulpit -

Gifts From a Father's Heart
(parable of the lost son)

- he looks down the road one more time
- he runs to us
- he embraces us
- he has a place at the table for us.

 to sit under a speaker who spoke with such profound kindness,
weeping and smiles, felt really safe and comforting.
truth is...
sometimes i'm the lost son,
selfish, eating dregs, a spendthrift.
sometimes i'm the elder son,
critical, judgmental, without mercy.

oh, my life may look all together and good on the outside,
but inside, where it's easy to hide,
at times, i AM the lost son or the elder brother.
i NEED the search, the run, the embrace, the place at the table!
and i want to GIVE the 'one more look,' the run,
give the embrace and make room at the table for others -
just as God does for me!

there was weeping, testimonies, hugs, arm-on-the-shoulder-i-care,
 happening after the service.
it was beautiful!




Katsui Jewelry said...

I am doing the "Where Woman Create" tour and I wanted you to get my message so I am putting it here. I just loved the tale of your journey. You have come so far since the days of your childhood. It is so interesting to see how the "artistic spirit" grew in you and just could not be contained! I love that you now have your own little spot in which to create and who knows what we will see next year!

My daughter and I have a "young" blog and would love to have you visit, if you wish. She and I have been making jewelry together for fifteen years but also have other interests. I love vintage paper crafts and she loves vintage fashion...and we both love estate sales!

Thanks for giving us a peek at your creating site and your journey. Isn't this fun?


Lisa F. said... smoothies! After much hesitation, a friend got me got hooked on them last year, and they are a very refreshing summer drink! My favorite is pineapple juice, frozen bananas and spinach. Sometimes, I throw a mango or peaches in there as well...*yummy*

Shelly said...

Did I mention this to you before?? Can't remember, but did you know that you can freeze kale and it retains it's health properties? My mom has also kept it in her garden all winter (under many inches of Canadian snow) and just digs around and harvests as she needs it. I, because of the hot summer here causing things to go into seed or just get too ugly, harvested mine, put it in ziploc bags and now just add a small handful of that to my smoothies.

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