Thursday, June 24, 2010

my favorite annual

My gardens are six years old and many plants have come and gone. When we downsized, I needed to choose between what I liked versus what I really liked. We moved here in April and in July, I was on a garden tour and one would have never guessed it was only three months old. I had the advantage of transplanting mature perennials which made that possible. Out of the five tours I've done, it is my favorite garden tour.

Speaking of tours, Tuesday evening, July 27. I and another friend, Lena, are having a twilight tour from seven to however long you want to linger. Twinkly lights, candles and a bit of food is on the program. No tickets needed as it's a fundraiser for our church and there will be donation boxes setting around. We hope to see you all in our gardens!

Six years later, partly due to age, due to everything growing so quickly and tree losses, this garden has changed in a big way! But yet again, I needed to think about what I liked and what I really liked and eliminated more plants. For the past several years, the only annual I bought is my very favorite annual...
- blue salvia victoria -
This annual blooms it's heart out...all. summer. long! The bees love it as much as I do but you mind your business and they'll mind theirs! :) It only asks to be dead-headed occasionally and sprayed for the lice an occasional plant gets. It dries beautifully - just cut the flower stem, put it where you want it and it'll last for a long time or you can bunch 'em together and tie with a ribbon. The flower petal falls off, leaving a nub-like thingy on the stem - a really, really lovely look! If the winter is mild enough and it's protected a bit, it will do a comeback the next year - it also reseeds itself if the dirt around it is left alone.

I did plant geraniums by the stone wall because of the garden tours here this summer and like it so well that possibly that may become my second annual to buy. :) They're not demanding plants either...all they want is to be deadheaded faithfully.
 They really do complement this new stone wall!

...happy gardening!


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Esther Sensenig said...

I love blue vistoria salvia !!!! It's my favorite as well =) I would like to come if I can make on July 27th. please email me with more info & directions!

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