Tuesday, June 22, 2010

just sayin'

It's the little things that add atmosphere to the feel of the gardens. I love sundials and have been collecting them for a long time...buying some new and finding some at garage sales and thrift shops. Like anything else, time can do a number on 'em but that doesn't mean they have to be thrown away. I love the sayings on them and used them in another way.
I threaded a wire through the holes and tucked it in the brick behind it. It could also be dangled from a tree branch or tucked into a flower pot.
This is a piece of another something - I've had it so long I forget. I think it's too romantic to throw away...hence I created a Lover's Lane tucked into a corner of the house.
The bird feeder was bought years ago at Kirklands and my guess is no longer available. Notice the little bird sitting in the palm of His hands. A comforting truth!
This, too, was a piece of another thingy and was painted. With time the paint wore off and I eliminated the other thingy and hung it on the second pillar.
This was a gift from DIL M and I treasure it. After letting it out one winter too long it got cracked...but it's an interesting crack! :) I put it under shelter now.
I bought this at a greenhouse and have had it for a long time. Many folks have commented on it and it's such  fitting quotes for the gardens. Surrounding the gardens with scripture feels like an added inspiration.

And, like everything else, more isn't necessarily better. Use desecration in placing readings and they'll add to the ambiance of  your own little place!

...happy gardening!


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