Thursday, May 13, 2010


I  started my mulching today and I have a wonderful feeling of a job well done. Mulching is not particularly fun but the difference it makes is worth the investment. My goal is to put enough mulch on to last for two seasons, when I then 'scratch and fluff' it in the off year. Doesn't always work but unless there is a garden tour in the making, I make do with what's left. Penny pinchin' freak is what I am! :)

I do not like to use bark mulch in the perennial beds. It's too acidic and eventually the ground becomes hard with pieces of wood left that refuse to break down. I really like Nature's Compost, a local resource that is made up of leaves, manure and some bark.

What I use for the perennial beds is compost, grass clippings and occasionally, manure...but mostly grass clippings. Grass clippings takes between six to eight weeks to break down and no, it doesn't look fancy but it sure brings the earthworms which is the BEST! If it needs to be fancied up, fluff it up before the company comes.

  grass mulch...
with a close-up view.
The downside is that it tends to mat together but is easy to fluff, especially after a rain. The upside is that it's great stuff to loosen the soil.

My lavender ladies waited a while for their new skirt of
Nature's Compost and now look fabulous!

Mimi is celebrating her thirtieth post with a give-away...
she's new to the blogging world and her cheerful attitude toward life is inspiring!

...happy gardening!


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