Friday, May 14, 2010

rainy day projects

tuesday and wenesday of this week the weather was very cool and rainy.
hubs was gone so i set up shop in the garage for some future projects.
the 'work horse' tables were rescued from the neighbors trash...
they work perfectly for my projects!
 i re-found (is this a word?! describes it perfectly) two long pieces, 11x90 inches of what formerly was a bookcase, and was destined for the dumpster. i rescued them, stuck 'em out in the shed where they were stored in a corner, just waiting for my brilliant touch forgotten.
my pile of cut pieces...
waiting for another rainy day to be finished!

- my paint station -
the garage also got a much-needed cleaning,
so the 'verycoolrainyday' was put to good use!




Enjoying the Scenery said...

Curious about what you're going to do with all the pieces of wood that you cut!

elaine said...

I am curious too! Have a Blessed week-end!

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