Wednesday, May 12, 2010

wreath change

i wasn't a big fan of door wreaths but after seeing how simple Creations From my Heart has made it i'm kind of hooked. unfortunately, the video demo is no longer running but her site is still worth looking's so-o-o pretty!
anyhoo, it was time to change this...
to this.
because the video is no longer available, i'll explain how simple this is.
the supplies are:
2-15 oz. tin cans
non-soaking flower foam
ribbon of choice
* flowers of choice
sparklies or buttons
glue gun
* (hint - buying an arrangement of flowers makes this easy)
cut the foam block to the width of the can, stripping it over and down so the foam fills and fits the can. cover the cans with your choice of ribbon, paper, etc. - i used burlap on mine. using a hot glue gun, run a bead of glue on the seam of the can to attach it to the can. be careful...the glue is hot! the cans are now ready to decorate. simplicity itself!

i picked up this at the GW for $3.95 minus 30%...
it was dusty and crumpled but still had potential.
i took it apart and washed the flowers -
then started to arrange it in the cans and ended up with this...
the two different lengths of ribbon is a personal choice, however, you want it long enough to do a good display. because i used the width of the burlap, my length was limited. i finished it off using a button to add a finishing touch at the handles.

on my next visit to wal-mart i'll be getting a suction hook to do a better display.



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Kate said...

I love what you did how creative. I love to meet new bloggers and see all the talent that each of us bring to share. Looking forward to more sharing and friendship in the future. Thank you so much for stopping by.

Have a wonderful week

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