Tuesday, February 16, 2010

house tour/dinning room

 the snow is falling lazily outside but the sun is shinning on this tour.
welcome to fleur cottage!
this room was small...only a ten by ten foot room
with a lovely arch between the kitchen and dinning room.

a  very small office was next to this room so we took that wall down,  
giving us a 10x19'6" roomy room.
with sixteen grandbabies and the convenience of a larger table
set up all the time, it's easy to have family/friends over.
the buffet at this end was a piece that was left in the house hubs grew up in.
my MIL used the bottom piece as storage,
and the top shelf piece as a table propped against the wall.
when we inherited it, i found a mirror at yard sale,
and took it to a local amish man who made and put together the top.
several years ago we hired a professional wallpaper hanger to do the ceiling.
the curtains at the patio doors were shower cutains bought at GW...
i was lucky in getting two!
i did add fringe on the bottom to lengthen them and they serve very well
with the look i wanted.
in three corners of the room are some of my lovely, cracked and nicked dishes.
i like lovely, cracked and nicked dishes!
my sister gave me the light cover that came from her house.
in the space between the door and the arch on the inside wall of the room is this display.
the mirror is a christmas gift from our children...
and the dishes are a yard sale find.
the door that opens into the living room has decorative corner pieces...
again, a garage sale find.
between the window and patio doors is this 'welcome' vingette.
on the other end wall is a shelf from the house that hubs grew up in.
my MIL, bless her heart, stained and varnished it. but after we inhereited it,
i gave it this look...
it really is a lovely piece!
and the dishes are thrifter buys.
this is the only 'before' picture i have...and the after.
 we've lived here almost six years and i'm still loving this look..
 it still feels new to me.
i do enjoy tweaking stuff, which is kinda constant.
sometimes i wish i had another house to decorate...
i have to pass up some really good buys because this house is full!
thank you for coming!



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Brambleberry Cottage said...

That's one thing I miss living here in our tiny cottage farmhouse...a dining room. We do most of our entertaining outside-where there's more room. Your dining room is lovely.

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

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