Monday, February 15, 2010

week end musings

i lived with the lighter color background for a weekend,
hated it!
i think black makes a much better statement
as it 'pops' the pictures.
i brought it back!
valentines day was lovely -
starting with our worship
 ...from the pulpit...

                         love is...                                                        selfishness is not...                                      

                  is generous                                                    generous
                  is 'others' oriented                                         concerned about others
                  is self-sacrificing                                            is greedy and self-seeking
                 goes outside of the comfort zone                    is unwilling to pay the cost

from the human perspective, love is a foolish way to live...
but is the most rewarding!


we ended celebrating valentine's day by attending dessert night
with my brother and his wife, Ed and Ruth, at their church.
one word....



ps. several inches of snow on the way :)


Kathy said...

I like the black!

every day is a gift... said...

thanks for the affirmation! :)

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