Thursday, February 18, 2010

house tour/livingroom

today i invite you on a tour in our living room
i love this room!
it's cheerful, calming, cozy and so, so liveable!
it's a place where one can put their feet up and throw a 'cozy' around their shoulders.
- the only 'before' picture i have -
today, the room looks like this...
a glimpse of the dinning room on the left -
and the 'other' front door on the right.
the wall was blank until we put up the fireplace mantel.
the cabinet on the right belonged to a kitchen and was a garage sale find -
i gave it my favorite treatment.
as you step inside the 'other' front door you see this...
and this...our game table, new placement since christmas.
before we did a facelift, there was a wall where the couch is
with a l-o-n-g hallway.
removing that l-o-n-g hallway really opened the room,
turning it into a light-filled room.
there is hardwood flooring (really banged-up hardwood) under the carpet...
we both preferred the carpeting.
a view from the bedroom door...
the game table corner where there's a glimpse of the dinning room
and a short hallway into the kitchen.
the chandelier light came from tuesday morning...
it was a REALLY ugly gold w/gold shades -
i gave it my usual touch.

the couch and chair came from a garage sale and looks like this in it's
'before coming to this house.'
i created a pattern out of newspaper, did a mock-up,
then used matelassé coverlets for the real thing.
it is holding up very well, takes a lot of useage and washes like a dream.

on the wall between dinning room /office doorway
(i'm thinking of painting the sconces black)
dishes above the two doorways from GW.
family record, a gift from our children and crafted by a local amish woman.
a table below the used-to-be clock that was purchased at GW without-a-face, now a curio cabinet.
i hope you enjoyed stepping into our house!



ps. the office is next and oh, my, my...!


Marylou said...

ESTHER! I just read through all your house tour posts and LOVE them! I love that you know what you like and your taste is so clearly developed! I think the kitchen is my favorite! I love where you removed doors and put up that beautiful fabric. Have a blessed day!

Meghan Glick said...

Esther, I have enjoyed your home tour How beautiful!

Brambleberry Cottage said...

Super shabbylicious! I kept going back and looking at the slipcovered couch with the crocheted piece in front and on the back. I love it. Sooo pretty!

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

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