Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cheap laundry!

i was peeking into the lives of other bloggers and came across a recipe for home made laundry soap at i decided to give it a try...

the ingredients are simple and can be bought at most grocery stores...

1/3 Fels Naptha or Ivory soap
1/2 c. washing soda
1/2 c. borax powder
1 lg bucket

grate soap (i used Fels) in pan and add 6c. water - heat until soap melts.
add washing soda and borax until dissolved - remove from heat and pour four cups hot water into bucket,
 add soap mix and stir.
add one gallon plus six cups water and stir.
let set 24 hours to gel.

use 1/2 cup per wash

the mix needs to be stirred before using...i saved store-bought containers, mixed it well and poured it into those containers. the lid of those containers is 1/2 cup and is convenient to store in the cupboard. the soap costs less than one cent per half cup, is very easy to make and has a pleasant scent with no additives or dyes. so far, its done a good job in the things i've laundered. it does not make suds but if you feel the water, it feels 'cleansing.'

when we moved here five years ago, i didn't want an 'amish washline' for two reasons...
1. it was just the two of us and...
2. it 'interfered' with my landscaping plans! :)
i've never been sorry i made that choice. :)
then 'green' became the slogan of the day but really, to be more economical and easier on the clothes,
 i started hanging some things outside.

...and that's how my 'red-neck, hillbilly' line came into serving my purposes!

try's easy, peasy, lemon, squeezy!

edited 9-27-2010
be sure EVERY bit of soap is melted in step one -
 i like it as much today as i did then! :)

fabric softener given to me by a friend
and it truly works!

2 c hair conditioner of your choice*
3 c white vinegar
6 c water
- mix well -

*4 - 15oz bottles makes three batches




46mae said...

Sounds too easy!!
Does it work in hard water? Have a great day!

for such a time as this... said...

i don't know about hard water but it's working for me. i had white napkins that were greased stained, laid them on the grass for the sun to do the rest of the work & they're cleaner than my other soap...and yes, it is easy!

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