Thursday, August 20, 2009

About us...

2009 is the year we celebrate forty years of marriage... forty years! the years are full of good and some not so good memories...but we are both keenly aware of God's wonderful, life-changing, powerful redemption and grace. we have five wonderful children, five wonderful in-laws, eleven handsome grandsons and five lovely grand daughters, ages fourteen to six wks old...all of them healthy and energetic. we are grateful!
Dave is in a propane and vinyl fence/decking business, volunteers as a fire police, drives coach for private businesses and loves to hunt. I am a stay-at-home wife/mom and I love it! flower gardening is my passion, i love pretty dishes with no need for perfection and dislike spending time in the kitchen but do enjoy hosting and entertaining.

our oldest daughter, Judith, is married to Titus Lapp. they live in Antrim, OH where Titus grew up and have three boys...

Sheldon, Carlin

Titus is a school teacher and an avid hunter. Judith is a wife/mother, is artistic and loves to do memory scrapbooks and does a beautiful job of it!

our oldest son, Linford, is married to Martha, who hails from Holmes County, OH. they have three boys and one girl.

Anthony (pictured reading to his cousins below...Josiah is with Andre)

Lin is in business with his dad, never has a dull moment, volunteers at a local fire company and LOVES to hunt! Martha is a patient mom, artistic and a fabulous cook!

Wayne is our third born, lives in West Virginia and is married to Teresa, who grew up in southern IN.they have three girls and one son.


Wayne owns a bulk food/grocery store in Romney, lives what he believes and is a hunter and a great father. Teresa is a 'keeper at home' wife/mother, makes her own noodles, bread and delicious doughnuts!

Loren is our fourth child, third son and married to Bev, a local gal. they just became first time parents to Bryant.

Loren is self-employed in Vintage Landscaping along with two other friends, is a volunteer fire fighter, does not like to hunt and is a gifted landscape designer. He's a man of few words and quietly lives what he believes. Bev is a gifted home maker, takes wonderful care of her family and the many other people who are blessed by knowing her.

Julia is our youngest and almost twelve years younger than her sister. she's married to Wayne Petershiem, a local. they have three boys and one daughter.

Josiah Sarah


Wayne is self-employed in site prep and delievering utility sheds. he's ambitious and a go-getter, a wonderful daddy and loves sports and hunting. Julia is a great mother, has a sense of humor (she has to...she's a blonde!) and both of them open their hearts to their neighbors, the needy and family.

we love to eat....

play volley ball...

...and have lots of imagination!

we are fans of...

Gap fire co. and................. the Phillies...go phils!

...and last but not least, reading is a huge favorite!
Anthony is taking time out to read to his cousins and grandpa is the favored reader...
i hope you enjoyed your visit with our family!

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